Rainbow Flag Pride Dress Costume, Women's Size 4-8

Brand: Rasta Imposta
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Item #: GC1969
Product Description
Perfect for spring, or for festive parties or gatherings! Dress with rainbow stripes is sleeveless on the right side, but long-sleeved on the left. Just hold out your arm and you get a full-sized flag effect. Mini-dress length may require you to add your own boy shorts for modesty. Runs small. One size fits women up to size 12.
Includes: Dress
Material: 100% Polyester
Sizing Info: 4-8 (Fits women's sizes 4-8)
Care Instructions: Spot clean with cold water only. Do not wash, bleach, dry clean or iron.
Product Measurements: NA
UPC: 791249196905
Dimensions: 4-8
Total: $20.00
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